Zach Karl | Official site of recording artist, songwriter, producer, Zach Karl.
Official site of recording artist, songwriter, producer, Zach Karl.
Zach, Karl, Zack, Carl, Yes, Science, Power, Lullaby, Cruise Control, R&B, RnB, singer
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Listen to new demos and tracks and watch exclusive behind the scenes videos as I record my next album, Science.  Full length tracks will be posted for a limited time before being replaced with shorter samples, so check new songs out while you can.


Help me make Science.  In addition to getting to check out new music, your feedback can earn you a credit in the album liner notes on iTunes, etc.


Submit your thoughts and feedback as I complete my album. Feel free to contribute general comments or specific notes on individual tracks as they are released. All contributors who submit feedback seven times throughout the Making Science project are eligible to be credited as “Contributors” on versions of the album liner notes including the iTunes digital booklet.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Be as open an honest as you desire.
  • While all fields below are optional, to be eligible for crediting, a name must be entered with the same spelling at least seven times throughout the making of Science.
  • This form is intended for general feedback or feedback on songs posted.  Song and track submissions from songwriters and producers will not be accepted.