Zach Karl | Voyager (Acoustic) (EP)
Official site of recording artist, songwriter, producer, Zach Karl.
Zach, Karl, Zack, Carl, Yes, Science, Power, Lullaby, Cruise Control, R&B, RnB, singer
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Voyager (Acoustic) (EP)


Recorded based on an impromptu idea, the acoustic EP of the fully produced album, Voyager, features stripped down versions of some of Zach’s favorite tracks.  The album is limited to acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals and presents the otherwise electronic songs in a new simpler light.  “I started out as a producer, then a writer, then a vocalist, so this project is a fun departure for me that shows just how far I’ve come apart from production alone.  A medium between the EP and LP is probably what’s next for me.”



Released:  December 21, 2011
Format(s):  CD (LE), Digital
Run Length:  13:55


Vocals, Piano, Writing, Mastering: Zach Karl
Guitar: Joe Kataldo
Writing: Ian Karl